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We are used cars top dealer&exporter from China,we strictly control each used car quality we sell,all used cars under $10000,all made in China and Chinese car brands.


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Our Team

We are picking thousands of used cars every year,we know how to find out quality used cars,ensure you drive with safety and happiness!


Tom Ding

Marketing Manager


Celine Xiong



Coco Zhang

Quality inspector


Jack Liu

Logistics Manager


Jane Bao

customs coordinator


Peter Li

Quality inspector

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Worldwide Shipping

We provide a complete set of logistics and transportation solutions, including land transportation (trucks), river transportation (ships), and sea transportation (large ships). shipping Close cooperation with major shipping companies, Maersk, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd, Evergreen, MSC, CMA-CGM, as many as 380 destinations worldwide. train transport We also provide train container transportation to Druzhba, Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), Sol-Iletsk, Saratov, Suzemka, Buslowskaya, Moscow (Russia), Minsk, Brest (Belarus), Chop (Ukraine), Prague (Czech Republic), Madrid (Spain), Małaszewicze, Warsaw (Poland), Hamburg, Duisburg (Germany), Rotterdam (Holland), Transportation time 15-30 days for global transportation by sea, 12-25 days for train transportation, different arrival times at different destination ports. Transportation costs Low-cost shipping is guaranteed.

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Best Quality

Every car we sell has been professionally inspected by China's professional car inspection agencies, and the inspection standards are in line with China's second-hand passenger car export standards, allowing you and your customers to drive with confidence.

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Best Offers

We carefully select used cars of various brands and strictly control the quality of second-hand cars. The average selling price of cars of various brands starts from 1,000 US dollars which maximum under 10,000 US dollars, so that every customer can buy what they like and are satisfied with a used car.

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Secure Payments

A single customer can make purchases through direct online payment. After receiving the payment, we will immediately go through the export inspection and customs clearance procedures. Wholesale customers can email us the used car brand and quantity you need to purchase, and we will quote separately. The payment method is T/T. After the contract is signed, the prepayment is 50%. We will go through the export inspection and customs clearance procedures immediately after receiving the payment. After the goods are on board, see the copy of the bill of lading and pay the balance.